No one puts baby in the attic!

Okay, so my painting was put in the attic! Kind of disheartening.

I worked very, very hard and was really excited about this amazing opportunity. AND so many people were tuned in to see me flop. It doesn't matter though. This was still an awesome experience and no publicity is bad publicity. I also got to see what great supportive friends and family I truly have. I am blessed.

I am still very proud of the work that I did.

When we heard Theresa was coming in to The Art Studio we were so excited! We stayed up all night and cleaned the whole studio. Painted walls, chairs, and hung paintings. 

We are pretty upset with the turn of events. Not only did I paint the portrait exactly as she had requested me to paint it - 

but also, as an artist that paints exclusively in color, I painted her a solo portrait, in color, in my style as a gift to thank her for coming to the studio.

Also I am not going to lie, I looked pretty cute on tv too :)

photo credit to Liz

photo credit to Liz

Theresa didn't crush my spirit though.

I am going to the studio to go finish a painting I have in the works right now. Hopefully I will have it posted in the next few days!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday vacation!


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